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Battlefield 3 End Game's Capture the Flag looks like ridiculous fun

Battlefield 3 End Game thumb

Watching this trailer for Battlefield 3's final DLC pack, End Game, you can see why many online shooters have started to replace the flag part of Capture the Flag with Intelligence, Bombs - really anything that isn't a flag. It does seem a little bit silly when you think about it.

General: Why are we retreating? I didn't give the order!

Colonel: Er... well they captured our flags, sir. All three of them.

General: Oh. Can't we make more?

Colonel: We're out of cloth. And our parachutes are the wrong color.

General: Oh dear. Well, best pack up our millions of dollars of weapons, munitions and state-of-the-art vehicles and go home then.

But if the concept makes no sense, the execution looks to be some serious fun, as bullets and explosions chase the flag bearer across the giant maps of the game.

End Game also adds the Air Superiority mode - previously relegated to the console exclusive Battlefield 1943 - as well as dirtbikes, dropships and four new maps. It's due out in March, and will release early for Battlefield 3 Premium subscribers.

The Premium service has done rather well for EA. Joystiq report that the publisher's latest financial results show 2.9 million people have subscribed to the scheme, generating $108 million in sales across all platforms. Although, between the PC version's bigger maps and shinier graphics, and the occasional Origin sale on a Premium sub, I'd bet PC users make up a healthy portion of that figure.

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