Battlefield 3 video contest contenders capture spectacular kills and skill shots

DICE have announced their shortlist of the ten finest entries for this year's Battlefield 3 community video contest, featuring some spectacular kills, skill shots, plane stunts and war montages from the front lines. Some of the entries are on par with DICE's trailer efforts on the run up to Battlefield 3's launch last year, but now there are lots more maps to play with, which means more bridges to fly under and more indoor areas in which to pilot your helicopter, scaring everyone inside to death.

Here are five of the best entries, you can find the rest over on the Battlefield 3 site . None of them feature Armoured Kill, which is understandable as it was only released for premium players last week. Check out our first impressions here .

Jack Frags

Crazy Copter

Operation 925


Jet stunts

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