Battlefield 2042 is getting a new scoreboard next month

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Battlefield 2042 is finally getting a proper scoreboard. Electronic Arts announced over the Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter account that the 3.3 update, expected to arrive sometime next month, will include a "refreshed scoreboard" that will showcase how players are performing across an entire server.

Players have been demanding a better scoreboard since Battlefield 2042 launched. The problem some players have, as we explained in November, is that the current scoreboard doesn't paint a complete picture of what's happening in the match: It shows squad rankings, including kills, assists, and revives, but individual player information outside of your squad, which was presented in scoreboards from previous Battlefield games, isn't displayed.

We theorized that the absence of individual data (outside of squads) was an attempt to cut back on toxicity and harassment: It's hard to blast other players for their performance if you don't know how they're performing, after all. Eliminating public performance stats could also be a way to encourage more teamplay. 

Regardless of the intent, though, it was an unpopular decision: Many players like to know where they stand amongst the crowd. This new scoreboard will give everyone a clearer picture in that regard, but even so the response to the mockup shared today has not been overly positive. 

EA said this is not the final design of the scoreboard, and that "further updates beyond this refresh" will be released in the future, but that didn't impress players in this Reddit thread: Multiple posts criticize the absence of information including player deaths and pings in the server-wide scoreboard, and the "cluttered" design that jumbles all players together in a single listing rather than splitting them up into separate teams.

"As expected, a real scoreboard as requested but not the scoreboard we wanted," Narvak wrote. "Why not separate player list by teams? If your team is losing you will probably get a worst score than the winning team so you will be at the bottom of the list even if you are among the the top of your team."

"It looks like an Excel spreadsheet," Materbater69 noted.

The Battlefield 2042 3.3 update is currently expected to go live sometime in "mid to late February." Ahead of that, the 3.2 update, set to go live tomorrow, will make changes to Battlefield Portal's XP system, and usher in a new batch of performance optimizations. EA said that matchmaking preferences in the All-Out Warfare mode and all-platform VOIP are "still on our radar," but it won't have any information on those to share until "further down the line."

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