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Battle Worlds: Kronos release planned for mid-November, open-beta a few weeks earlier

Thanks to my photographic memory (read: access to the internet), I can point you to the last time we scouted turn-based strategy Battle Worlds: Kronos . That was in March, when the Kickstarter project hit its funding goal. It subsequently went on to more than double the £120,000 target, finishing on $260,235. Now the developers are drawing out their battle plans, and have picked a mid-November date for the game's release.

According to the Joystiq , the game will be made through the developer's website , as well as GOG and Steam - having successfully conquered the Greenlight battlefield. While a price is yet to be confirmed, the studio say they are planning to keep it under $30.

An open beta is also planned for the hex-based wargame. That should be available from late October, a few weeks before launch.

For more on the game, check out the latest two development diaries posted by developer KING Art:

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