Goon unceremoniously dropped onto Christmas tree in Batman: Arkham Origins E3 trailer

This prequel to the marvellous Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City is the first game in the series not being developed by Rocksteady. How will Warner Bros. Games Montreal fare at the wheel of the Batmobile? The brutish punching is seemingly intact, watching the new E3 trailer, and Batman seems a bit nastier than he is in the other games, perhaps representing Wayne's untamed, youthful lust for revenge (via punching). This one's due out on October 25 and is rumoured to have a multiplayer element . How will that work, I wonder?

Update: Whoops, the trailer seems to have vanished. We'll keep an eye out for the replacement when it pops up.

Update the second: The trailer's back, turns out it was being held back for the Sony conference and - oh nevermind, let's watch Batman punch dudes.

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