Back to Bed: an indie puzzler of sleep, the subconscious, and seriously scary voice acting

Back to Bed

What if Salvador Dali decided to make a game after binging on NoDoz for three days straight? The result would probably be Back to Bed , an indie puzzle effort riding the abstract terminus between dream and reality in an expressionist landscape.

The objective is simple: get the narcoleptic Bob back to bed. You don't control Bob directly, but you instead direct his sleepwalking stumbles through Subob, a dog-like creature representing Bob's subconscious. Bob only turns clockwise, but using and manipulating various objects steers him on course to his downy haven—or off the sides of the Escher-esque buildings and into a jarred awakening.

The youthful developers behind Back to Bed—a collaboration of two Danish indie teams—already have a free browser-based demo available and a Kickstarter campaign to fund a multi-platform release. The pitch states contributions funnel into extra levels and engine license fees.

There's also a debut trailer featuring Subob's summary of your job via a goosebumps-raising reverse inflection. If I knew my subconscious sounded like that, I'd tape my eyeballs open and hope I never fall asleep again. Have a look below.

Omri Petitte

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