Author sues Ubisoft over Assassin's copyright infringement. Amazon reviewers hit back hard

Assassin's Creed 3 - treessassin

As reported on Eurogamer , an author is suing Ubisoft for copyright infringement relating to the Assassin's Creed franchise. John Beiswenger claims that Ubisoft have lifted various aspects of the series' plot from his 2003 novel, Link .

The novel features a link device, where ancestral memories can be accessed and relived by the user of the machine. According to his complaint , references to assassinations, a bio-syncronizer, ancestral memories, and various bits of religious imagery - including the Garden of Eden and Jesus himself - are evidence enough that Ubisoft are in breach of copyright.

Thanks to the popularity of the series, the author is asking for $1.05 million, or $5.25 in total damages depending on whether Ubisoft intentially pulled the plot, or if they did it accidentally. are also involved in the case thanks to this trailer , advertising an Assassin's Creed II PlayStation Home space.

Until a few days ago, Link had just one review on the Amazon marketplace . Since the complaint, 16 more have been posted. And the scores aren't pretty. "This book is terrible; its not worth the time it takes to read, and i will rage if it delays the AC3 release," says one user.