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Watch the first footage of Sid Meier's Starships


Last week, Firaxis announced Sid Meier's Starships—a game that both includes the Sid Meier moniker and is being made by Sid Meier. It's a Civ: Beyond Earth spin-off set amid the warring fleets of space exploration.

Last night, Sid himself sat down in front of a Twitch audience to tour fans through the game as it currently exists. You can see the recording of that stream below. (Skip to about 8 minutes—that's when things start happening.)

The Beyond Earth influence is clear from the off. It features the same leaders and affinities, giving players of that game a sense of progression within this. Naturally, the focus is different. Starships is all about the fleet, and so resources and tech are geared to upgrading your ships.

Starships is due out "Early 2015".

Thanks, PCGamesN.

Phil Savage
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