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Watch a new trailer for Gwent's Crimson Curse expansion

One of the cool things about Gwent is how great its art is, especially on the premium animated cards, constantly in motion and writhing around. It's nice to see the latest trailer for its Crimson Curse expansion show off so much of this animated art, all gothic and blood-drenched. Knights charge, monsters roar, vampires wipe blood from their mouths.

The Crimson Curse will add a bunch of new keywords to the collectible card game, like Bleeding, Assimilate, Berserk, and Deathblow, as well as new cards including Queen of the Night, Sangreal, Sirssa, and Bruxa. From the glimpses in the trailer, it looks like Regis and dryads are getting new cards too. 

Crimson Curse comes out on March 28.

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