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Trajan takes charge of Rome in Civilization 6

“All roads lead to Rome,” as the old saying goes, and so it is with the Roman civilization in Civilization 6. As 2K revealed in the latest Civ 6 update, Roman cities will start with a trading post, and new cities within trade route range of the capital also start with a road leading to them. 

Rome is led by Trajan, born Marcus Ulpius Traianus and formally known as Imperator Caesar Nerva Traianus Divi Nervae filius Augustus, the 13th Emperor of Rome. (So Wikipedia says, anyway.) He was skilled as both a general and a ruler, and the column celebrating his victory over Dacia remains standing in the city of Rome to this day. In fact, Trajan's Column is his in-game special ability: All Roman cities begin with one free building in their city center, usually a monument. In Civ5, monuments grant +2 Culture to cities, which increases a city's growth and the acquisition of social policies, and also +2 to Happiness to civilizations with the Socialist Realism order tenet. 

Rome's unique unit is, naturally, the Legion, an expensive but powerful replacement for the Swordsman unit that also functions as a military engineer, with the ability to create forts and roads. Rome can also taken advantage of Baths, which provides amenities and more housing than the Aqueduct.   

Civilization 6 will be out on October 21. Want a hands-on look? We've got one right here.

Andy Chalk
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