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This player is turning WoW Classic's quests into badass comic book scenes

(Image credit: Vlad Harabagiu)
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While most of us are grinding their way through World of Warcraft Classic, thinking little of the quests we're completing or why, Romanian artist Vlad Harabagiu is drawing pivotal scenes from various quests as if they were all apart of a badass animated TV show.

Every few days for the past month, Harabagiu has been uploading his drawings on the World of Warcraft Classic subreddit, and each one acts as a kind of update to his Horde character's progress as he continues to complete quests and explore more of Azeroth.

Harabagiu's first drawing, for example, focuses on Hana'zua, one of the first quest givers that orc and troll players will encounter when they begin their journey in Durotar. Hana'zua tried to kill a scorpid but instead got a stinger to the heart leaving him mortally wounded. Hana'zua, thinking he's not long for this world, asks the player to finish what he couldn't and kill the scorpid.

(Image credit: Vlad Harabagiu)

What I love about Harabagiu's art is how it takes trivial quests from WoW Classic's story and turns them into dramatic moments. I and countless players have met Hana'zua and completed his quest without any concern whether he would live or die. We just wanted those sweet, sweet experience points. But these drawings make these inconsequential moments feel like part of a much bigger saga.

(Image credit: Vlad Harabagiu)

(Image credit: Vlad Harabagiu)

(Image credit: Vlad Harabagiu)

Since Harabagiu started sharing his creations with the World of Warcraft community, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. "Blizzard should hire you to make an anime of this. This is super cool. Well done," one redditor wrote.

"These pieces really bring out the emotion I imagine when reading their quest texts," said another comment. In response to all the support, Harabagiu has started a Patreon with the aim of turning these disparate drawings into an actual comic book with a cohesive story.

Though a comic book seems like a massive undertaking for one artist, Harabagiu's art has become one of the highlights of the WoW Classic subreddit for me—even if I don't always immediately remember the quest.

To date, Harabagiu has created 11 different drawings capturing these different moments from his character's journey through Azeroth. You can check out his Reddit page to stay up to date and check out the rest.

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