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The Witcher episode titles drop hints about the Netflix show's story

(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has revealed the episode titles for The Witcher, arriving next month, each accompanied by brief descriptions that, together, form a poem. There will be a dragon hunt, flashbacks, monster slaying and it looks like Dandelion will be getting into a spot of bother. 

Here's the list of episode titles, followed by the poem formed by their descriptions. 

  • The End's Beginning
  • Four Marks
  • Betrayer Moon
  • Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials
  • Bottled Appetites
  • Rare Species
  • Before a Fall
  • Much More

A monster slain, a butcher named
We look at a sorceress's earlier days
A picky eater, a family shamed
The Law of Surprise is how one repays
A fateful meeting, a bard is maimed
The hunt for a dragon is underway
A return to before a kingdom is flamed
The Witcher Family as you all like to say

The episodes all have individual symbols, too. The Betrayer Moon, for example, has a bestial footprint that suggests we might be seeing some werewolf shenanigans in the third episode. You can see them all on Twitter. 

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The Witcher airs on Netflix on December 20.

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