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Super III brings teleportation and puzzle-platforming to Kickstarter

It's good that platformers can provide work for mis-shapen game characters. If their 2D pixel levels didn't require such easily parsable protagonists, where else would these proportionally big-headed, tiny-legged square-people find work? Super III hopes to be one such refuge – a puzzle-platformer with an emphasis on teleportation and screen-wrapping. Think Velocity-Ultra's insta-shifting, combined with a dash of VVVVVV's tower section.

"SUPER III is a fast-paced, adventure game that combines action-platformer and puzzle-platformer mechanics," explains the Kickstarter page. "The game follows the story of an alien named III (Three) and his self-imposed mission to rescue survivors, post-war."

Rounding out the inspiration jamboree, the developers make reference to Super Meat Boy and Super Mario 64. The former should be obvious, given the game's wall-jumping traversal and apparent difficulty. The latter is down to the Super III's over-world missions. "The over-world consists of several rooms filled with portals," the page explains. "Each portal contains a level that has several missions to accomplish (including secret, undocumented missions) and new portals can be powered up using batteries. Within these levels, you will be required to defeat enemies, solve puzzles and explore in order to acquire more batteries."

Super 91 Studios is hoping to raise $39,000 in order to fund the completion of the game's design, assets and scripting. They have 28 days left to reach that total.

You can find more information at Super III's Kickstarter page .

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