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STALKER 2 to have more of a "survival element", won't make console compromises


The STALKER 2 development team have been answering questions from fans on Facebook, revealing a few early details about the sequel. The game is being built in a new engine for console and PC release, but GSC make assurances that the game is still being developed primarily for the PC, and will contain Direct X 11 support. STALKER 2 will also have more of a survival element, and will contain new mutants to run away from. Read on for details.

GSC are still keeping their cards close to their chests, but have mentioned a few points that should ease worries about how the game's planned multi-platform release will affect the game.

Answering questions on the STALKER 2 Facebook page , GSC said that "since we develop primarily on PC, you won't see any compromises in the PC version. The key difference between the PC and console versions will be the beauty of graphics (meaning PC will offer more of visual effects)." The team also promises that the game's inventory and maps, common failing points for console ports, would not be affected. STALKER 2's new engine will also have DirectX 11 support.

GSC also say that the game will have more of a survival element, which is pretty terrifying considering the punishing environments of the first three games. The game will take place "in the triangle of CNPP, the cities of Chernobyl and Chernobyl 2", and contains more of the haunted X Labs and underground bunkers that represented some of the scariest areas from the original games.

The new areas will contain new mutants and weapons, though the faction system will not be making a return. The radioactive artefacts that could be used to buff your characters abilities while simultaneously irradiating him to within an inch of his life will be coming back, though the application and effects of artefacts are likely to be different.

GSC were also asked if the new zone would be one huge explorable area, instead of the smaller environments linked by jarring loading screens. GSC said "let's postpone this question for now." Hopefully that will become "yes" at some point in the future. A vast, seamless version of the Zone would be an amazing place to explore. The game's currently on track for a 2012 release.

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