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Sega sue THQ for $940,000 over Company of Heroes 2 pre-orders

Sega have decided to give the corpse of THQ a sound poke with their legal stick. They're suing the bankrupt publisher for $941,710.93 (roughly £632,000), over Steam pre-orders of Company of Heroes 2 . That's the amount Sega claim Valve paid to THQ between its pre-order launch and January 24th, 2013, when Relic and their RTS IP were bought by their new owner. The $940k is one thing, but the 93 cents? That's just vindictive .

In their court filing , Sega claim that, of the total amount due, $508,877.85 is "entitled to priority", as those payments were made by Valve after 19th December 2012 - the sad day THQ filed for bankruptcy. A month later, Sega bought Relic and the Company of Heroes franchise for $26.6 million in the resulting auction. Sega's claim points out that they're entitled to THQ's cut of the $1,345,301.29 paid to Steam by the 20,755 pre-orderers of the game between the stated dates.

If you're wondering why they'd sue a bankrupt company: essentially, Sega are adding their name to the already large list who will receive money from the sale of THQ's assets. To date, the pool of potential creditors are collectively owed around $200 million.

Thanks, Eurogamer .

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