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Renowned Explorers: International Society is a turn-based exploration game from the developer of Reus

From gods to greed: the newly announced game from creators of 2D god-'em-up Reus combines eccentric explorers, untamed wilderness and turn-based tactics. In Renowned Explorers: International Society, you control a specialised crew of fame-hungry globetrotters as they search out treasure in uncharted regions. Or, as Abbey Games explain on the game's new site , Jules Verne meets X-COM.

Here's an introductory story trailer to set the scene:

"To come out on top you will need to travel to exotic locations and plan ambitious expeditions with the help of a good map, the right equipment, and an expert crew," explains Abbey Games' press release. "During these expeditions you will encounter reality and myth and everything in between, as each journey brings you to forgotten cities, bustling civilizations, and untamed wilds."

To make for true exploration, each expedition will offer randomly generated treasure and mystery. And that treasure won't just be earned in combat, as an "emotional interaction system" will let try to talk your enemies down with a nice chat. It's a great idea, and the set-up suggests a light-hearted sense of adventure that tactical turn-based games rarely seem to pursue.

Renowned Explorers: International Society is due out in 2015. More screenshots below.

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