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Perception developers release new gameplay trailer

Perception 1

The Kickstarter for Perception, the first-person horror game about a blind girl exploring a haunted manor, is drawing to a close, and it's going to be close: At the time of writing, there are about 65 hours left, and a shortfall of roughly $13,000 on the $150,000 goal. So Deep End Games has done what anyone would do when faced with such a challenge, and released a new gameplay trailer.

Spoiler alert: Not much actually happens. But it looks cool, and the voice acting is strong too. It's easy to miss the mark with first-person exposition, but the actor behind Cassie, the blind girl who "sees" the world around her with a vaguely Daredevil-esque form of echolocation, nails it.

As part of the final push, tomorrow the developers will unveil "Mode 7," a gameplay mode offered as a $260,000 stretch goal (but which will apparently be part of the game regardless, as they said it "is going to be amazing," despite 260 large being nowhere near within reach), as well another new mode based on backer feedback.

Perception Creative Director Bill Gardner told us more about the game in an interview earlier this month, which you can read here. The Perception Kickstarter wraps up at 6 am PDT on June 25.

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