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Overwatch League is finally letting viewers choose their own camera angle

Last year, I lamented that the Overwatch League's $30 All-Access Pass didn't include the one thing I wanted: the ability for spectators to choose their own camera angle. The old All-Access Pass granted access to post-match press conferences and a "command center" view with stats, but you couldn't pick a player and watch the entire match from their perspective.

The All-Access Pass for the upcoming 2019 Overwatch League season, which kicks off on February 14, finally adds that much-needed feature. 

Spectators can now pick which player's perspective they'd like to view, or use a handful of presets to watch, say, only the tanks. The All-Access Pass also comes with 200 Overwatch League tokens—used to unlock OWL skins in-game—plus some exclusive Twitch emotes, and grants you a single-use discount code for 20 percent off OWL merch. The new pass costs $15, and of course also includes ad-free viewing for the 2019 OWL season.

Bo Moore

As for former head of PC Gamer's hardware coverage, Bo was in charge of helping you better buy, understand, and use your PC hardware. You can usually find him playing Overwatch, Apex Legends, or more likely, with his cats.