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Myst may get a TV series

(Image credit: Cyan)

Myst may get a television adaptation, if you can believe it. According to Deadline, Village Roadshow has recruited X-Men: First Class writer Ashley Edward Miller to write a pilot episode and showrun the project.

According to the report, Village Roadshow intends to expand on the game's readymade "mythology," which is just about the most interesting thing about Myst — a TV series about exploring mysterious interconnected island worlds could be very engrossing indeed. Apparently the studio wants to develop "a multi-platform universe that includes film, scripted and unscripted television content." 

In case you missed the 1990s, Myst was astonishingly popular: it released two months earlier than Doom, but the shooter couldn't quite topple Myst's commercial dominance. By the standards of 1993 the graphics were impressive, and served as a big unit shifter for CD-ROM drives. Fingers crossed the adaptation has a vaporwave soundtrack.

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