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Metro: Last Light survival video advises taking the offensive route

Metro: Last Light

4A continue to provide helpful survival tips, aimed at guiding you through the post-apocalyptic underground hell at the heart of Metro: Last Light. Today's lesson: shoot everybody. Shoot mutants and capitalists, shoot communists and fascists. Shoot them with the lights on, shoot them with the lights off. While running or crouching, while they're on fire or slouching... it doesn't matter as long as you Never. Stop. Shooting.

Reading between the lines, it's an introduction to the factions that you'll meet (and shoot) along the way, and a look at the stealth system, which seems to prioritise finding and extinguishing light sources in order to make your way more easily past enemy patrols. Who you will then shoot.

It's the second of the three-part survival series. The first, less homicidal guide is below.

Metro: Last Light is out May 17th.

Phil Savage
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