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Mass Effect: Reborn mod announced for Homeworld: Remastered

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Mass Effect: Reborn is a mod for Homeworld 2, and can already be downloaded and installed to the Classic edition contained within Homeworld Remastered. In its current version, it allows players to wage space war as Alliance, Cerberus, Geth or Reapers.

Not content with the Classic edition's classic graphics, the team behind the mod has announced a remaster of their own. The plan is to bring Mass Effect: Reborn up to par with Gearbox's excellent upgrade. You can see the results as recently released concept renders.

"We've been working hard thus far and the next release of Mass Effect: Reborn for Homeworld: Remastered is going to be radically different, much more immersive and more than beautiful," promises the mod team. "We really want to give to our community and new players the best Mass Effect experience we can, and we hope we will have your support."

The remastered version will offer new features, a fuller tech tree and 8k textures. You can find more details on Mass Effect: Reborn's ModDB page.

The mod team are also collaborating on two other Homeworld Remaster mod remakes: Stargate Space Conflict and Battlestar Galactica Fleet Commander.

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