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Magic: The Gathering - Tactics exclusive video

Blue Mana Bonanza

In Magic: The Gathering, the best blue players are manipulative and never show their hand. At PC Gamer, we're also manipulative, and if you won't show us your hand, we'll cut it off and post it on our website. Which is what we did with this exclusive Magic: The Gathering - Tactics video featuring some of the blue team's finest, such as Jace Beleren and a djinn with the kind of ponytail that makes real ponies reevaluate their existence as smaller and less useful horses. Poor ponies.

Tactics gives you what every trading card game player dreams of, your creatures springing to life from the cards and crunching bones in addition to numbers. It takes all the features of the classic game (including full deck customization) and combines them with turn-based strategy that puts unit placement on par with deck balance. The mana bonanza releases on January 18th.