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League of Legends' Twisted Fate has been temporarily disabled

If you're accustomed to playing Twisted Fate in League of Legends, you'll probably have noticed that he's been disabled for the last few days. The reason? A new bug has been detected which can either hamper his Pick a Card ability, or make it grossly overpowered.

The bug has already been acknowledged by a Riot spokesperson in the LoL forums (via SB Nation). "We're seeing some weird interactions with Pick a Card and certain items, plus Pick a Card empowered attacks occasionally vanishing while putting the spell on CD," the statement reads. "Currently working on a fix with the goal of getting that out as soon as it's ready and tested."

The two identified problems involve the hero's Pick A Card power, and its interaction with items Sheen and Mikael’s Crucible. With the former, Sheen will stop working with the W ability (though it works with all others, where applicable). With Mikael's Crucible, on the other hand, using it just before triggering Pick A Card will basically erase the cooldown period, making it work with every button press.

The character hasn't been available since Thursday, and there's no word on when exactly he'll be back. "We have disabled Twisted Fate due to in game issues, and are currently working on a resolution," reads the official service status.

Here are some videos demonstrating the bugs (Sheen and Mikael's Crucible respectively):

Shaun Prescott
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