Get our favorite gaming chair for just $319 today

The Secretlab Omega gaming chair is on offer today, with 27% off

If you’re looking to treat your ass this Black Friday (and why the hell wouldn’t you?), then we’ve found an excellent deal for you. The Secretlab Omega chair—which Terrence Mai awarded 90% at review, and placed at the very top of our guide to the best gaming chairs—is currently on offer via Secretlab’s official site. The classic Omega chair is 27 percent off the normal price, meaning you get it for $319 (down from $440). Not bad, right? However, we’d also recommend the Omega Softweave, which is a little more luxurious, and a touch more expensive. That’s on offer too, but it’s $349 (down from $460). Not quite as big a saving, but it’s a damn good chair.

The Secretlab Omega gaming chair is $319 (save 27%) today
This is our favorite gaming chair, and comes highly recommended for comfort, support, and just looking lovely. Snap it up today only.View Deal

This chair even comes with free shipping… which is worth quite a bit when you consider how heavy the delivery box is. 

If you’re in the UK, don’t worry—you can still save. The Omega is down to £289 (from £400), and the Omega Softweave is £319 (down from £420). It’s the exact same savings as the US, on account of it being Single’s Day. Whatever that is.

A great gaming chair can make a huge difference to your PC setup. You’re often sat by your rig for hours at a time, and that squeaky office chair you got from IKEA just isn’t cutting it anymore. Sure, proper gaming chairs are pretty expensive, but most actually support your back and your arms too, in addition to being more comfy, so there are health benefits to be had.

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