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Enjoy a gorgeous, free adventure game in Edgar—Bokbok in Boulzac

I do enjoy a good adventure game, and here's one with a fun rural setting, beautiful art and animation, and an amusing script. Edgar—Bokbok in Boulzac puts you in the role of an inventor type living on the edge of a quaint village. He's basically Wallace (of Wallace and Gromit fame) but with a trusty pet chicken instead of a dog, and living in a version of the French countryside rather than an England full of were-rabbits and moony cheese.

The pleasantly angular, cartoony art style fits the lighthearted tone of Edgar like a glove, while the controls make a nice change from the pointing and clicking required in most games in this style. You control the inventor chap directly, solving a handful of puzzles during your search for a replacement farming doodad—before the game cuts out abruptly with a 'to be continued' message.

That's because Edgar is currently just a demo—quite a long demo, longer than many finished free adventure games—but a demo nonetheless. But while the conclusion of this charming chicken-'em-up is still in the oven, its funny, delightful beginning is still worthy of your time.

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