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Dragon Age: Inquisition footage shows combat, environments, inevitable dragon

Dragon Age

Some Dragon Age: Inquisition footage has surfaced. It shows the game's new Frostbite 3-powered locations, as well as the inquisitive head Inquisitor running full tilt toward the business end of a dragon. That's some bold leadership, I'll give him that. Away from roaring reptiles, we get a more human's-eye view of the game's combat, with warrior-like swordplay against a variety of baddies.

The guy around a minute and a half in? I can't tell if his shield is for protection, or to hide the fact that he's forgotten to wear any clothes.

It's an action-focused look at the fighting, which may not be fully representative of how the game will play out. When Chris saw it in action last week, he found a combat system with more weight and impact than that of Dragon Age 2; one that also features the option for top-down, pausable tactics. You can read his full impressions here .

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