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Diablo 4 is at BlizzCon and appears to be playable

Update: Diablo 4 has been announced! Check out the graphic trailer above, and read our news story for all the details.

It looks like Diablo 4 is at BlizzCon 2019 and even playable, judging by a picture posted by Diablo3ESP on Twitter. The blurry snap captures what looks a lot like a character select screen, with a group of heroes chilling out around a fire. Take a look below.

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Only three heroes are displayed, possibly because they're the only ones ready to be shown off. They're all hard to make out, but it looks like one of them is sporting some antlers, maybe attached to a helmet, suggesting a barbarian-type character. 

More Diablo 4 information leaked via and art book last week, revealing that Lilith will be returning for the sequel, but with a reimagined design. "Lilith's debut in Diablo IV is a reimagining of her form that is far different from her previous appearance," reads the excerpt.

Expect to find out more about the Queen of the Succubi's role during BlizzCon. 

Cheers, GamesRadar.

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