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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 gets multiplayer-only pack on Steam

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Black Ops 3

Ever wished you could dispense with the laboriously scripted Call of Duty campaigns and pay less for a multiplayer-only option? It turns out you can now, as Activision has just launched an online only version of Black Ops 3 exclusively for PC. Dubbed the Black Ops 3 Starter Pack, it costs US$14.99 and grants access to the game's ranked Multiplayer component, with a level cap of 55. The only catch is that it's only available until February 29.

The pack also includes access to the weapon paintshop, gunsmith, the emblem editor, arena and freerun modes, theater and the black market. On the otherhand, in addition to the campaign's absence you won't gain access to any of the Zombies modes, and you won't be able to play in custom games or Prestige your character. Meanwhile, the game's forthcoming mod tools and access to modded content won't be available to Starter Pack owners.

Of course, a season pass purchase will still net you all forthcoming multiplayer-only content, and Starter Pack owners will be competing against players who own the full version of the game.

The full rundown of what you do and don't get is over on this FAQ. The Black Ops 3 Starter Pack is available now.

Shaun Prescott
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