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Bulletstorm studio People Can Fly regains independence from Epic


You may remember People Can Fly from Bulletstorm or Painkiller, and then later for being renamed as Epic Games Poland. Today, the studio announced that they are again an independent studio, and again called People Can Fly.

"Ownership of the company, which had been rebranded as Epic Games Poland in 2013, has returned to the local leadership to reflect the team’s desire to create their own games," a press release states, "a move Epic supports."

While the studio are still working with Epic—contributing to Unreal Engine 4 and the upcoming Fortnite—they have also revealed that they'll be using the UE4 engine to create an "entirely new" unannounced game.

One interesting thing to note: Bulletstorm is listed on their game page as, "Developed and IP owned by People Can Fly." Despite being published by EA, it suggests that PCF is free to potentially pursue a sequel to the sweary FPS.

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