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Build Your Own Multitouch Surface Computer

The Computer

Modifying the Molex connector

Connecting the power supply to the LEDs

The Projector

The Cabinet

Finally, there’s the cabinet—the structure that holds everything else together. The cabinet really only needs to do one thing: support the screen (including the acrylic, the lights, and the vellum surface) in such a location that's accessible to both the projector and camera. In an FTIR setup, the cabinet doesn’t even need to be closed.

Our cabinet is—essentially—a wooden cube with a square hole in the top and a removable front panel. The screen sits over the hole, held in place by a lip. Then, a wooden frame is placed on top, covering the wiring and exposing only the part of the screen that’s meant to be touched. Our cabinet is constructed from 3/8” MDF, with a stained hardwood frame on top.

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