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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons' clever control scheme detailed in new video

I have to keep reminding myself that Starbreeze are behind this interesting Fable-esque fantasy adventure, because it couldn't be more unlike their previous work, lacking as it is in gravel-voiced action heroes, lens flare or cyberpunks. For Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons they've teamed up with Josef Fares, one of Sweden's biggest film directors (Sweden, feel free to correct me on that), who you can see in the following video holding a PS3 controller and explaining the game's novel control scheme. More details on that there control scheme below.

I'm not entirely sure how this is going to work on PC, but you control one brother with the left analogue stick, and the other with the right - a bit like Overlord and its minions, but seemingly far less annoying, if this video is any indication. Doubtless we'll be able to plug in a controller and play it that way too, but I do wonder how this multi-tasking is going to work with a keyboard/mouse combo.

Regardless, Brothers looks rather lovely, with a beautiful world to run around in and with expressive, detailed character animation. I particularly like how each of the brothers has their own unique way of interacting with things, the younger brother for instance cheekily slapping people on the bum to get their attention. That didn't work out so well for me when I tried it at the local post office, but then I've only a week of community service left. Brothers is due out this Spring on Steam (so pretty soon, in other words) - and here's a famous Swede putting it through its paces.

(Ta, Eurogamer )