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Borderlands Online is no longer in development, and the studio is closed

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Borderlands Pre Sequel

Did you know there was a Borderlands Online game in development? Well yes, there was a Borderlands Online game in development, but it was exclusive to China. It's not uncommon for publishers to develop free-to-play iterations of their games for Asian regions, but it evidently didn't work out too well for publisher 2K Games, because the game is no longer in development.

It's sad news, as the studio responsible for developing it – 2K China – has been shuttered as a result, putting 150 staff out of work according to A statement provided to that website by a 2K representative said that the publisher "determined that the additional time required to finish current projects at the studio, particularly Borderlands Online, would not yield a favourable return on investment."

Borderlands appears to have a future though. Despite Gearbox Software's current focus on Battleborn, the studio has openly discussed the status of Borderlands 3. As of January the game wasn't actively in-development, but Randy Pitchford said the studio was recruiting for the title.

FPS oracle and former editor Evan Lahti was a bit sceptical regarding Battleborn when he played it earlier this year. "I remain lukewarm on it because I haven't walked away from my hands-on time with a clear sense of Battleborn’s identity," he wrote.

Shaun Prescott
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