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Bioshock Infinite alternate covers go live - if you can work out how to use them

One of the sillier controversies of last year centred around the content of Bioshock Infinite's cover . It was more a mild consternation than white-hot internet outrage, but fans were still disappointed to find that one of the year's most anticipated games was choosing to display itself to the public using the same man and a gun design used by every game ever released. Probably.

In response, Irrational opened voting for a reversible cover - with a beautifully muted sketching of Songbird winning voters' blessing. And now they've also released a series of hi-res covers online, available for printing.

The new covers offer two different Elizabeth designs, three containing Booker and Elizabeth, and a further three featuring concept art for Handyman, Songbird and Murder of Crows. Which means, even with 10 possible cover variants available, there are still none which accurately display the true Bioshock Infinite experience: snaffling up ice creams from bins and corpses.

A bigger problem is figuring out how to apply them. Having downloaded the fetching Falling Art cover, I've yet to find a way to wrap it around my Bioshock Infinite box, also known as "Steam". I've tried dragging it, pasting it, everything! Maybe I need to print it out and staple it to my monitor. Yeah, I'll give that a go next.

Phil Savage
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