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The best Technomancer build in Outriders

best Outriders Technomancer builds
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If you're looking for the best Outriders Technomancer build, you'll need to be comfortable operating as your squad's support character as you tame the troubled world of Enoch. This long-range, technologically-proficient path is the only one that can heal fellow team members, so they fulfil a vital support role.

That said, healing isn't the only thing the Technomancer is good for. While the relative squishiness of this class means I wouldn't recommend a solo playthrough with it, you can still deal decent damage and control the battlefield from afar on top of your role as a techie medic. If this sounds like the class for you, here's everything you need to know about the Outriders Technomancer path, and a build based on the demo to get you started.


All Outriders Technomancer skills

  • Scrapnel: Throw a proximity device. The explosion deals damage and interrupts the skills of enemies caught within the blast radius (skill type: Ordnance, Interrupt).
  • Cryo Turret: Place an automated turret that deals damage and inflicts Freeze onto enemies. The turret's health depletes slowly over time and when it takes damage (skill type: Gadget, Turret).
  • Pain Launcher: Place a missile launcher and bomb in the area in front of you. Each missile deals damage per hit and interrupts enemy skills (skill type: Ordnance, Interrupt).
  • Blighted Rounds: Fill your current weapon's magazine with decay-infused bullets that inflict Toxic onto enemies. Enemies within a small radius of the main target also receive Toxic and 50 percent of the damage. The skill lasts until you reload or switch weapons (skill type: Decay).
  • Tool of Destruction: Conjure a rocket launcher that can interrupt enemies, or a minigun that deals damage per shot. The skill will remain active until all ammo is depleted or until you switch weapons (skill type: Ordnance, Interrupt).
  • Fixing Wave: Release your energy to restore 33 percent of health to all players and 50 percent of health to your turrets regardless of distance (skill type: Gadget, Heal).
  • Cold Snap: Drop a gadget to inflict Freeze onto all enemies within a large radius around you (skill type: Gadget).
  • Blighted Turret: Place an automated turret that deals damage and inflicts Toxic onto enemies. The turret's health depletes slowly over time and when it takes damage (skill type: Decay).

Skill tree and class points

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The Technomancer's skill tree explained

As with the other three Outriders classes, you'll be faced with quite an intimidating Technomancer skill tree at the outset. Don't worry, though: While each of the three subclasses will eventually specialise a little more towards the end, you can reassign your class points at any time. Experiment at first, and make your changes at zero cost later if needed.

DPS-focused Technomancers should focus on the Pestilence subclass. This, fittingly, boosts your weapon and toxin-based damage. More team-orientated techies should invest in the Tech Shaman tree, which improves your healing and gadget capabilities. Then, if you can't decide, the Demolisher branch improves everything the other trees do, just not as much.

Technomancer build: Beginner

The best Outriders Technomancer build for beginners


These are the first skills you'll unlock as the Technomancer in Outriders. They'll see you through early missions and will prove useful as you settle into the game: 

  • Scrapnel 
  • Cryo Turret
  • Pain Launcher

Class Points

At the time of writing, you can only unlock two class points, but this increases to 20 when your character reaches the level cap. The Technomancer's class tree is filled with a selection of small and large nodes that grant various skill upgrades, weapon buffs, and increase your resistance in battle. To start you off, choose these class points:

  • Br/8 Impact Amplifier: Increase your weapon damage by eight percent.
  • Anomalous Body: Increase your max health by ten percent.

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There are several Legendary armour sets available for the Technomancer, but I've got my eye on the Grim Inventor set. This set buffs your Pain Launcher skill so that every time you hit an enemy, you'll restore 20 percent of your ammo. The Torrential Downpour set also looks promising as it boosts your Scrapnel ability to create additional cluster bombs after they explode.

Armour mods (not legendary)


  • More Traps: (Scrapnel) One additional mine can be thrown before activating the cooldown.

Upper Armor

  • No Pain, No Gain: (Blighted Rounds) When the skill ends, 40 percent of damage dealt by the skill is turned into healing and spread equally among allies.

Lower Armour

  • More Damage: (Scrapnel) Increases the skill's damage.


  • Advanced Rockets: (Pain Launcher) Rockets deal more damage.

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  • Supplies: (Scrapnel) One additional mine can be thrown before triggering the cooldown.


The Technomancer is a reliable support class, which means that your teammates will often turn to you for healing. You can rely on your gadgets to deal damage from afar, so it's best to keep your distance from enemies as much as possible. Sniper rifles will be especially useful to help the rest of your squad from a safe spot, while they move in and keep the pressure on with their assault rifles, double guns, and shotguns.

Equip a powerful SMG and pistol in your other slots. If you're eager to begin collecting legendary weapons, Rarog's Gaze has bullets that inflict Burn, and explode on impact. Consider The Migraine SMG as your secondary to inflict Bleed on your foes.