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Below's forgiving 'Explore mode' is available in beta now

(Image credit: Capy Games)

Capy Games' punishing roguelike Below is getting a tad easier on April 7, with the introduction of a new Explore mode. While the original 'Survive' mode will remain for those who hate surviving, Explore will eliminate the game's hunger and thirst systems, and there will be no one-hit deaths, among plenty of other changes

If you've kept Below in your backlog waiting for this mode, the good news is that it's available in beta on Steam right now. In addition to being a perk for PC players, Capy Games has also asked for the community's help to smite any lingering bugs in the game. 

Accessing it easy: right click Below's icon in Steam and choose 'properties', then in the 'BETAs' tab, enter the code AIMHLSDAASMTCSPS. Once entered, you can choose to join the 'Public - Explore Public Branch' beta.

I've no doubtthere are many who absolutely love the vanilla Below difficulty, and the good news is that Survive mode will remain intact and unchanged. But the release of Explore will come as good news to those who admired the beautiful world building of the game, but were unable to see much of it due to the game's toughness. 

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