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Battlefield 4: China Rising's maps and features reportedly revealed by leaked image

Battlefield 4's first DLC map-pack, China Rising, is due out next month, and early details of what the package includes may now have emerged. A reportedly leaked image, published by the official Battlefield 4 Facebook page for Latin America, names the new maps, and provides details of new weapons and assignments. Unfortunately, it doesn't confirm what I'd secretly hoped: a Levolution event in which the entirety of China rises from the ground, and sets off on a mission to space.

Here's the supposedly leaked image, as sent to MP1st .

If it's real, it's naming the four included maps as Taklamakan, Altai Range, Guilin Peaks and Dragon Pass. It also mentions five new weapons, new vehicles and equipment, and ten new assignments.

Previously , a console achievement list also teased the return of Air Superiority mode, along with the introduction of Dirt Bikes and a handheld UAV.

China Rising is due out December 3rd for Premium members, and two weeks later for the rest of us.

Phil Savage
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