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Batman: Arkham Knight re-releases next week

Batman Arkham Knight

Like the start of The Dark Knight Rises, Batman has gone missing. His most recent game, Arkham Knight, was a bit of a mess on a PC, so the caped crusader has had a few-months-long sulk while Warner Bros and friends patch it up.

We already knew that Bats would be returning to his crimefighting duties at the end of October, and now have a specific date. Arkham Knight is going back on sale on October 28, hopefully in a state where it, y'know, actually works. Here's Warner Bros saying as much in a new statement:

"At 10 am PDT, Oct. 28th, Batman: Arkham Knight will be re-released for the PC platform. At the same time we’ll also be releasing a patch that brings the PC version fully up-to-date with content that has been released for console (with the exception of console exclusives)."

That content comprises a Photo mode, Big Head mode, an Arkham Asylum Skin for Batters, and a choice of characters for the game's combat AR challenges. There's a huge list of stuff that been released for season pass owners too, including extra story missions, skins, and new tracks for Arkham Knight's beloved batmobile.