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Anthem drop rates and Elysian Caches to be tweaked in patch tomorrow

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Tomorrow, an Anthem patch will "greatly reduce" your chances of finding components for javelins you aren't using, according to the game's global community manager, Jesse Anderson.

The patch, which rolls out tomorrow morning, will also make loot you earn from an Elysian Cache show up immediately after a Stronghold finishes. 

Apparently, players should rarely receive loot for javelins they aren't using, but a bug was making it happen more often than intended. "It should be very rare now, if you’re playing Storm you should almost always get Storm components or Universal components," Anderson said on Twitter.

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It was a busy week for Anthem news: an eye-opening Kotaku report revealed that the game got a name change just days before its E3 2017 reveal, and that Dragon Age 4 development was rebooted to help fix Anthem. BioWare criticized the report, but studio boss Casey Hudson admitted in an internal memo that the company's problems "are real".

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