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And in other PC gaming news…

Tom finally breaks

We got sent a gun in the post today, that doesn't happen that often. For a while we suspected the bald guy with the barcode on the back of his head , but we're pretty sure he's always worked here, he's certainly wearing the right clothes anyway. Instead the culprits turned out to be the guys who sent us our last weird present ; Sega, who were drumming up publicity for Aliens: Colonial Marines . Well played Sega, well played.

Sega aren't the only ones hungry for attention though, we've had a whole spate of trailers arrive today. It's almost like there's some sort of enormous press event just around the corner.

I'm sure there'll be much more news then, but for now here's a summary of what's going on today:

So readers, if you were Agent 47, how would you infiltrate PC Gamer headquarters? Don't try sending a rifle through the post, we're wise to that one now.