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And in other PC gaming news...

Arma 2

And now for the weather. Tonight will be mild with clear skies that should last through to tomorrow morning, where a gentle mist will give way to a sunny afternoon with a chance of otherworldly invasion. Being a weather forecaster in Rift's world of Telara must be a difficult job at the best of times, but on the eve of a colossal attack from undead forces from a different veil of reality, it's nigh on impossible. Fortunately, there is no weather forecaster class in Rift, and tomorrow's apocalypse is great news for rogues, mages and warriors looking to prove their worth and grab some spectacular loot.

Elsewhere today, we've had a good look at Portal 2, seen some of the first footage of Grim Dawn and reviewed Shift 2 Unleashed. There's been plenty more happening in the world of PC gaming, though. Here's your daily dose of news.

Today in the office, Owen showed us all a video he took of his solo adventures in ARMA 2. We got to see him walking through a forest, lying down in a forest, looking around in a forest, and eventually getting shot to death in a forest. The video was supposed to convince us all to join him so that we can all get shot to death in a forest together. Should we?

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