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And in other PC gaming news...

SOPA New Thumb

Today was a day of downtime. Anti-SOPA/PIPA protests blocked - or at the very least put a splash screen in front of - Wikipedia, reddit, and a host of games sites. Meanwhile, anti-aliasing protests took down Star Wars: The Old Republic in the form of the delayed patch 1.1. When the lights come back on, we'll hopefully live in a world of smooth edges and a public passionate about the integrity of the internet.

In the PC gamer office, we took advantage of a wiki-TOR-and-/r/gaming/-less day to plan our living room gaming PCs . Elsewhere on the internet, details crept out about the future of World of Warcraft, CCP's World of Darkness MMO, and EVE Online. Publishers demanding payment from pirates were uncovered by TorrentFreak, and one of the designers behind Skyrim took us through procedural game narrative. All this and more in today's roundup:

What protest did you stage today, readers?

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