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And in other PC Gaming news...

Soon, your Agent'll be force-choking Rancors like it's no biggie.

There have to be some US policy-makers thinking about their legacies at the moment. Will they unlock extra customisation options for their alternative characters, or will they go down in history as the people who placed unprecedented restrictions on the freedom of the internet ? Are they even playing The Old Republic at all? If they were, they might have realised that the more you tighten your grip, the more systems will slip through your fingers.

Let's hope that they can backtrack as gracefully as a moonwalking Skyrim horse . Before it's too late.

All this gesturing angrily at our monitors has got us thinking about the forthcoming Kinect for Windows , which at the very least will come in handy when our keyboards inevitably break (or are smashed.) It's not all anger and protest, though. Today's been a day for winners, too, from the Interactive Achievement Awards finalists to the champions of the IGF's 2012 Student Showcase.

  • Eurogamer have investigated the recent spate of Xbox live hacks and found that the Xbox website might be the root cause. Wait! Come back! This is news for PC gamers too: if you use Games for Windows Live, the account security process is the same.
  • OXM give us a tongue-in-cheek insight into the things Commander Shepard will never get to say.
  • VG247's Johnny Cullen crosses the stormy seas of DRM and arrives safely on the shores of PC gaming.
  • Joystiq spots SOE's John Smedley announcing that EverQuest 2's has had a 300% increase in new players since going free to play.
  • The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences reveals their full list of finalists for the 15th Interactive Achievement Awards.
  • The IGF announces the 2012 Student Showcase winners.

What prizes have you won lately, readers? Deliver your acceptance speeches in the comments below.

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