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And in other PC gaming news...

Counter-Strike Global Offensive preview thumb

CS:GO is go! Yes, the Counter Strike: Global Offensive beta has been launched. I'm sure the new features will be discussed elsewhere, but we can tackle the more pressing issue of how to refer to it. Counter Strike: Source is usually just referred to as Cee Ess Ess, so should we name it Cee Ess Gee Oh? Or perhaps we should follow the more modern styling of Codblops (rhymes with god drops) and call it Cee Ess Go? Or even CisGo? I vote for the latter.

Check inside for a selection of correctly pronounced PC gaming news.

  • Joystiq report that Everquest 2 is going free to play.
  • CVG say Gearbox are casting for a live action version of Lilith to appear in Borderlands 2.
  • The Smithsonian is planning an exhibit on the art of games
  • Gamasutra talk to Neil Jorgensen, head of IO about the future of the Hitman series.
  • BluesNews say Rockstar are asking fans to join them in GTA4 multiplayer to celebrate the anniversary of the PC release.
  • CVG has spotted a mammoth list of changes for the next Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition update.

What's your pick readers?