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And in other PC gaming news...

The perfect crime! No, I don't mean Steam being hacked , I mean Vojteek 's demonstration of optimum thievery technique in Skyrim. Will anyone ever create an AI that's smart enough to notice you handing a bucket on it's head? Or building a fort out of cardboard in Deus Ex? Who knows? Not even our Skyrim tweaks guide can fix that one. How does the game play generally? Well to know that, you'd have to read our Skyrim review , wouldn't you?

Check inside for a selection of masterfully stealthy PC gaming news.

  • There are already six mods at Skyrim Nexus . We'll bring you a mod post as soon as there are enough good ones.
  • Destructoid say DC Universe Online has gotten one million extra players since going free to play.
  • Gameinformer say Saints Row: the Third will be censored in Japan. If you're wondering why, check out our Saints Row 3 review .
  • Steam tells us Dungeon Defenders has been updated.
  • Yogcast have been spotting hackers on day one of Modern Warfare 3's launch.
  • Is Skyrim downloading from Steam instead of installing from your disc? The EVGA forums have a solution.

So readers, what have you stolen in Skyrim?