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And in other PC gaming news...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is here tonight. Yes, today is the day that Cod blows up the world. There's even a live action Modern Warfare trailer to celebrate. Whatever the actual game is like, one thing is for certain; the launch itself is going to a little bit crazy. Simultaneous worldwide midnight openings, celebrity cameos, outrageous numbers, it's going to be an event, that's for sure.

Check inside for the 'most anticipated selection of PC gaming news of the year'.

  • Steam tells us Batman: Arkham City has been delayed till the 22nd of November in the US. The European release date remains the 18th.
  • Eurogamer say digital sales will overtake traditional retail by 2015.
  • CreativeZone makes the GTA5 trailer in San Andreas.
  • posts 220 pictures from Blizzcon.
  • League of Legends talks summoner spell changes.

Will you be going to CoD launch event readers? No you know of any crazy ones going on? Let us known below!