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A Disney investor thinks it should acquire Activision Blizzard

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Disney has not so slowly been gobbling up the world of entertainment, placing countless companies and universes into the house of mouse. One investor reckons it should now add Activision Blizzard to the list, suggesting that esports would be a good fit for Disney's TV networks.

I briefly allowed myself to imagine Blizzard getting the Star Wars license, but as interesting a prospect as that could be, letting Disney monopolise another industry probably isn't a great idea. With Activision's share price dropping over the last few months, however, investment company Gerber Kawasaki Inc. thinks now is the time for it to get snatched up. 

Gerber Kawasaki Inc.'s Nick Licouris told Bloomberg that it's an ideal time for Disney to make the acquisition, with the streets of Videogameland allegedly paved with gold. The company owns over $22 million worth of shares in Disney and $4.3 million in Activision. 

Disney has already dabbled in games, but it's had more success licensing its properties to publishers like EA, which has held onto the Star Wars license for years. Acquiring Activision would give it a large list of talented studios that would probably be eager to root around in its big box of universes.

Activision is currently valued around $37 billion, so it's still pretty steep. Lucasfilm only cost Disney $4 billion. Only

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