Armored Core 6 Operation Wallclimber boss guide: How to beat the Juggernaut

Armored Core 6 - Juggernaut Boss
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When a character in Armored Core 6 asks, "Ready to climb the wall?" they're alluding to two things: this is going to be your first major challenge, and your key to victory is going up and over.

The Wall boss in Armored Core 6 is a giant tank mech with a nigh-impervious front plate that will shrug off anything you throw at it. A head-on attack is hopeless, which means you have to get behind it to stand a chance of dealing damage. But the tank will rotate to face you as fast as you can strafe around behind it, which leaves only one path to victory: Climbing the wall.

Here's a guide on how to beat Operation Wallclimber's Juggernaut boss (including a video of the full fight), along with the AC build I recommend fielding against the The Wall boss to make the fight as easy as possible.

Best AC build for the Juggernaut boss

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  • Right arm weapon: Linear rifle
  • Left arm weapon: Plasma blade
  • Back weapons: At least 1 vertical missile launcher
  • Legs: Reverse-joint
  • Booster: Prioritize upward thrust

In this build I've used reverse-joint legs and a thruster with good vertical lift to quickly get up above the Juggernaut where my attacks can reach its unarmored top and back. A vertical missile launcher gives you almost guaranteed hits that quickly build up impact damage; if you find your regular missile launcher is often splashing uselessly against the Juggernaut's armor, consider investing in vertical launchers for each shoulder.

You absolutely want the left-hand plasma blade for heavy damage, but use whatever you like in the right hand. I find the linear rifle easy to land shots with at a distance, and its charge attack delivers some nice damage when the Juggernaut is staggered.

How to beat Operation Wallclimber's boss: The Juggernaut

Boss attacks to watch out for: 

  • Explosive mines on the ground—make sure you don't quick boost into them
  • A high speed charge that can ram into you, staggering your mech

 Quick strategy tips:

  • Use your vertical missile launcher to build and maintain the boss's stagger meter
  • Assault boost into a plasma blade combo from above or behind
  • Seriously, watch for those mines on the ground

This fight is all about getting above and behind the Juggernaut. Your first instinct is probably to circle strafe, but the boss will completely shut down that approach by either rotating to face you or charging across the battlefield to get away from you. Circling around is also dangerous, because the boss loves to throw out mines that do you tons of damage. That's why we're going airborne.

With a reverse joint leg build and a thruster with solid upward thrust, you can quickly get up above the Juggernaut, where you'll want to hover while getting in a few attacks from your right hand weapon. Lead with your vertical missiles—these will almost always hit and help fill the stagger meter. If you get high enough above the boss or directly behind it, you can fire your regular missiles, too, and hopefully they'll impact before the boss rockets away and reorients. 

When you're directly above or slightly behind the Juggernaut, use an assault boost to quickly close the gap and slash it with the plasma blade's two-hit combo. This builds up a ton of stagger damage, and if you've already landed a few other hits, the boss should be staggered. At this point, drop to the ground to let your boost meter recharge and unload whatever weapons aren't on cooldown: you have a clear shot.

The first half of this fight is easier, as Rusty is there to help distract the Juggernaut. Once the boss reaches half health, Rusty will leave you to finish alone, at which point things become a bit trickier. Your strategy remains the same, though. Attack consistently with your vertical missiles, and save your right hand fire and regular missiles until you're directly over or behind the boss. When you see an opening, charge in with your plasma blade to deliver big damage. It's possible to do this from directly above the boss or a bit to the side, but sometimes the camera angle makes it difficult to get a proper melee hit. You'll get a feel for it as the fight goes on.

If you're successfully staggering the boss with just your ranged attacks, then save the plasma blade attack until it's staggered to deal extra damage. The Juggernaut looks imposing, but as long as you're attacking from the air, avoiding its landmines, and using vertical missiles, this wall will come down in no time.

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