Apex Legends reveals Seer's powerful tracking abilities

There's nowhere to hide from Apex Legends' new character, the "stealth-oriented" tracker Seer. The next legend was fully unveiled today during the EA Play 2021 live stream as part of Apex's next season, which is called Emergence. Gameplay is coming Monday, but for now, we have a very flashy animated short that introduces the new season, the new Rampage LMG, and some upcoming changes to the World's Edge map.

Seer is Apex's first new tracker legend since Bloodhound, who's been around since launch. With an army of tracking drones embedded in his chest, Seer can send out minions to find and track targets with his Tactical, which sounds somewhat similar to Bloodhound's area-of-effect motion tracker. More interesting to me is Seer's passive, a heartbeat sensor that he uses by aiming-down-sights. I'm thinking that means he can roughly tell where enemies are hiding if he's aiming in their direction, which sounds pretty darn neat.

The most intimidating part of his kit is easily the ultimate, which sends out hundreds of Seer's microdrones to form a huge dome perimeter. Anyone that moves into the perimeter will have to move slowly (unclear whether that means crouching or simply not sprinting) or be revealed through walls to Seer and his squad. The perimeter will also capture enemy footsteps, though it's not yet clear if that information is broadcast to Seer.

We'll know more after the July 26 gameplay reveal (and even more once we can actually play Emergence), but based on the description, Seer sounds like a very useful addition to a squad.

Today's EA play stream also includes updates on Battlefield 2042, Knockout City, and a new Grid game. Here's how to watch EA Play and what else to expect. 

Morgan Park
Staff Writer

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