Apex Legends' next hero gets a new story trailer ahead of gameplay reveal

Ballistic walking down snowy path looking pensive.
(Image credit: Respawn)

Respawn has revealed a story trailer for its next Apex Legends hero via its "Stories from the Outlands" series. Ballistic is a washed up veteran of an Apex Games predecessor who, wouldn't you know it, gets pulled out of retirement for one last job.

The trailer shows a distinctly The Dude-looking Ballistic puttering around his mansion before getting enraged by a 30 for 30 style documentary about his Thunderdome career, which concluded with him getting his teammate and brother-in-law killed thanks to a "selfish" and "crowd-pandering" combat style. 

Well, now his estranged son's trying to get in the game, so Ballistic sobers up, gives himself a Max Payne 3-style shave and haircut, and gently arranges (read: takes a hostage and demands) to take his son's place.

Ballistic's set for a more full breakdown with the upcoming season reveal trailer on the 25th, but I already dig his lore and look⁠—'punished, guilt-ridden gunslinger' is always in. He also sounds like my kinda character mechanically too⁠—he might have mellowed out a bit from his show-boating, hot-dogging style of Battle Royale gunplay, but not that much. 

His hot-headed hostage taking, Assault role, and "Refined Gunslinger" title all make me think he'll be an all-or-nothing glass cannon sort of guy. We'll know more with the April 26 trailer and next season's full arrival on May 9.

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