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Apex Legends dataminers uncover a survival mode and hover tanks

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Diligent dataminers continue to root out all of Apex Legends (opens in new tab)' secrets. Along with the possibility of solo and duo modes (opens in new tab), it looks like a survival mode could also be on the horizon. 

ApexDBR discovered references to both survival and team deathmatch modes (opens in new tab) in Apex Legends' files. At the moment, the game only contains a squad mode and single—albeit massive—map. 

RealApexLeaks did a bit more digging and uncovered additional details shared with GamingIntel (opens in new tab). According to the files, the survival mode will feature an NPC crowd that reacts to players by cheering them on, giving standing ovations and booing. Commentary will accompany the matches, too, judging the performance of the survivors. I find the game stressful enough without an audience, honestly, so I think a few boos and jeers would finally break me.

A list of names (opens in new tab) also appears, apparently not playable characters. They're references to host NPCs, but it's not clear what impact choosing one will have on the match. It looks like kill replays (opens in new tab) will play during survival mode, too, letting you relive your murder.

What players will actually have to do during the mode is still a mystery, although at one point it may involve dealing with a hover tank (opens in new tab). Respawn isn't talking about new modes yet, even in the roadmap (opens in new tab). Judging by how Apex Legends launched, however, stealth launching new features or modes seems plausible. 

Respawn confirmed new Legends are coming, and some references to them may have been dug up (opens in new tab). The rumoured Legends are Octane and Wattson, while Tesla trap and stim could refer to their abilities. Not that any of this matters to me, a person who only plays Gibraltar for some reason.

Cheers, VG24/7 (opens in new tab).

Fraser Brown
Fraser Brown

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